Designer Labels and Haute Couture

In the world of high fashion, craftsmanship, fabric and trim of inimitable quality reign supreme. Garments hailing from the fashion houses of acclaimed couturiers are not simply to serve practical purposes - they bedeck the individual with unique expressions of impeccable taste and exceptional character.

Without a doubt, such investments should be lavished with the meticulous care that only we can provide. Our patented state-of-the-art processes and expertise are specially designed to maintain and restore their pristine beauty, using environmentally-sound techniques that may be more effective than the traditional alternative. The essence of every fibre of your garment is protected, from the delicate fabric to the exquisite trims and needlecraft.

Every garment is valuable and treated with the intimate consideration it deserves. After thoroughly removing each visible and invisible stain, all traces of soil are eliminated. Once a close inspection ensures the garment is completely cleaned, it is hand pressed. The garment is scrutinized for a final inspection and then placed into protective packaging to preserve its immaculate condition.

Some items are so delicate that to be properly cleaned, delicate trimmings and buttons need to be removed prior to cleaning; our vintage laundry and dry cleaning service provides for this.

Vintage and couture clothing is becoming an important feature of any wardrobe, the quality of yester-year and clothes made specifically to fit your own particular proportions make even the most basic items ones to be treasured and looked after with particular care as they will then last a lifetime.

Shirt Service

You take pride in your appearance. Why else would you go to the trouble of having your shirts professionally laundered?

The problem is laundering can be tough on shirts. It can shrink the neck and sleeves, fray collars and cuffs, and can cause your colours to fade and leave your whites grey. This means shirts wear out before their time.

At Vic Davis, we use specially formulated non-allergenic detergent designed to give superior results while being gentle on your fabrics.

Our wash programme uses only softened water, allowing us to use less detergent and cooler and quicker washing cycles, thereby preserving the quality and feel of your shirt and at the same time being kind to the environment.

Whether you prefer your shirts folded or on a hanger; for the finest quality hand finished shirt, Vic Davis will deliver as Sussex's Premier Dry Cleaner.