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Vic Davis is a top quality dry cleaning and laundry service that provides a premium service to its customers

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Clothes should always be cleaned regularly even if they are items that are rarely worn to prevent attack from moths and other household pests.
Some fabrics are too delicate to be washed in water, indeed many garment manufacturers and designers insist upon dry cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning to preserve the shape, colour and integrity of a garment.
In the world of high fashion, craftsmanship, fabric and trim of inimitable quality reign supreme. Garments hailing from the fashion houses of acclaimed couturiers are not simply to serve practical purposes - they bedeck the individual with unique expressions of impeccable taste and exceptional character.
Your wedding dress is probably the most important dress of your life. It carries the most beautiful memories of your life and deserves to be cleaned and restored in such a way that whenever you look at it ,touch it or try it on again it can take you right back to your big day.
Vic Davis has been supporting commercial and leisure clients in West Sussex and the surrounding areas for several years and fully understands their laundry and drycleaning needs.
Here at Vic Davis we have several years of experience, on all types of shoe repairs. Our In-House Cobbler is one of the finest in his profession.
Vic Davis Shoe Repairs has built a well deserved reputation as one of West Sussex's finest Cobblers.
At Vic Davis we pride Ourselves in the Service we provide to our Customers, the Quality of our Repairs and the attention to detail we provide.
Vic Davis has built a well deserved reputation as one of the leading footwear restoration companies in and around West Sussex. Restoring designer/fashion footwear to such a high standard that many footwear designers send their clients’ shoes to us for a full restoration, knowing they will be repaired using the same methods their maker used when the shoes were first commissioned.
Alongside our top quality dry cleaning service, Vic Davis Dry Cleaners are pleased to offer a comprehensive alterations and repair service